How To Prevent Hair Breakage

Hair when it is properly conditioned, cut, or trimmed regularly is beautiful and complementary. Sometimes hair loss due to breakage can be the result of improper conditioning, lack of trimming and a poor maintenance routine.


Try to avoid hair breakage by purchasing products suitable to your hair type. Bargain products are usually a "Bargain" for a reason. You get what you pay for so sometimes its beneficial to spend a few dollars more for good quality.


Some products used before in climates with high moisture (humidity) in the air may be less effective in our environment.  New comers to the area often experience breakage when their hair goes into "shock" before they become acclimated to the desert.


Many times home or box perms cause breakage because they are "One-Perm-Fits-All" formulations and you know that can't be true.  Operator error and inexperienced application techniques are the leading cause of breakage from these perms.  Always consult a professional for these hair services to achieve optimum results.


You may notice small, tiny pieces of hair around the sink or styling area. Generally a good trim of the split ends will stop or slow this from happening.  If you see larger pieces of the hair strand, this could be a sign of a more serious nature.  Intensive conditioners designed for damaged hair are necessary and will gradually reduce breakage.


Severe damage or breakage usually requires professional consultation to determine the proper corrective procedures.  Hair that is damaged beyond repair may need a combination of drastic cutting and reconstructive conditioning.


Preventative measures are best when it comes to hair services. Seek a licensed professional cosmetologist to perform any chemical hair service.

Enjoy hair that is healthy and beautiful.

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