Nutrition: The Foundation for Healthy Beautiful Hair

Let’s go back to the basics, the foundation for healthy beautiful hair. It starts on the inside. Today, more and more we realize the need for a healthy diet. What we take in comes out one way or another. A poor diet results in poor health and tired, poor hair.

Nutrition is important for strong, healthy hair. The body itself drains most of the nutritional needs to sustain everyday living. The hair usually gets the remaining nutrients from food intake, etc.

Diet and nutritional supplements, good food choices and vitamins will not only result in better hair, but also better health.

You’ve heard many times the importance of exercise and drinking enough water. Exercise will increase heart rate and blood flow. The blood feeds the scalp and hair before it emerges from the skin. This is the healthy hair or “New Growth. Once it’s visible on the scalp, maintenance and conditioning will ensure continued health and beauty.

Scalp stimulation or massage draws blood nutrient to the scalp and hair for extra added benefits.

Diet, Nutrition and health are very important for so many reasons. Healthy hair, nails and skin reflects who you are.

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