Summer Hair Care

Summer is in full swing and heat, humidity and summer activities mean special care.

With the heat comes perspiration. Perspiration is alkaline (like salt) a drying agent which cumulatively makes hair dry and brittle. So shampoo and condition, condition, condition! Use a deep moisturizing conditioner also to combat the dry desert air.

Swimming is cool and refreshing. Chlorine and other chemicals associated with pools or Jacuzzis take a toll on hair depending on how often you use them. Chlorine, like shampoo, strips hair of dirt and oil. Instead of frequent shampooing, simply apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb thru from scalp to ends. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing.

Depending on hair type or length, it may be possible to let the hair air dry slightly before blow drying or styling.

Apply a hair re-constructor if hair feels extremely dry, course or brittle to avoid further problems.

When in doubt, consult a hair care professional to assess hair condition and follow that professional’s advice.

Enjoy fun in the sun while you enjoy healthy, beautiful hair!

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